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Sensory Sensations

Sensory Sensations
Every person deserves sensory experience
Sensory Sensations is a brand that has been developed specially to meet the needs of those with sensory processing disorders.

Sensory processing refers to the way the nervous system received messages from the senses and turns them into appropriate motor and behavioural responses.

A person with a sensory disorder finds it difficult to process and act up information received through the senses which creates challenges in performing countless everyday tasks.

There are two types of sensory processing challenges and many adults and children experience a mix of the two. One is oversensitivity (hypersensitivity) which can lead to sensory avoiding – where sensory input is avoided because it too overwhelming. The other is under-sensitivity (hyposensitivity) which causes sensory seeking – as more sensory stimulation is sought.

Sensory Sensations toys and tools help provide solutions and strategies for people who find some sensations too loud, too bright, too messy, too chewy, or just generally too overwhelming. Sensory resources are great to enhance and develop attention and concentration, as well as helping to make some environments and sensations more manageable and be a helpful for Adults & Children who:
– constantly touch objects
– often squirm and fidget
– can be clumsy and uncoordinated
– seek out quiet spots
– are easily startled by sudden noises
– require calming during periods of sensory overload
– would benefit from distraction during episodes of sensory overload
The Sensory Sensations range includes:
– Liquid Motion Timers
– Atomic Bead Stress Balls
– Ooze Tubes

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