Sensory Fidget Toys

Special Needs Resources currently carry a range of tactile and fidget toys in Australia. They are also known as fiddle toys that helps bring relief in anxiety, stress, autism and other related challenges. We are constantly adding to our range of tactile and fidget resources, so we can best meet the needs of our customers.

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  • We have anything from mouldable stress balls filled with foam to crunchy bead balls, soft foam balls, fidget cubes, spiky balls, nylon tubes that can be squished and sprung, nylon tubes containing a marble, small bendable figures, soft squeezy dinosaur figures and everything in between.

    Tactile and fidget toys have multiple uses including, fidget toys for anxiety, sensory fidget toys, stress toys, fiddle toys, fidget toys for kids and toys for autism.

    These items are also useful for use in aged care.

    Tactile and sensory items help us develop our ability to sense the world around us through touch including hands, feet, skin, and our entire body.

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