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Peterkin (UK) Play and Learn

The Play and Learn range by reputed UK company Peterkin was developed to meet the needs of early learners. There are a range of products to meet all kinds of needs from auditory processing to gross motor skills, to sensory and fine motor skills.

Auditory products include a large child friendly harmonica that has ten blow holes and twenty notes. This is great for not only auditory stimulation, but for breath control, fine motor skills and co-ordination. A 40cm rain maker that contains small beads that drop through 16 levels of holes. Not only does it demonstrate cause and effect, but it makes a satisfying sound as the small beads descend.

The Yolkey is a colour mix and match inside an egg that not only aids in colour recognition, but is great for learning shape matching and using fine motor skills. Eggster contains six eggs with different number shapes and colours to match.

Poppees are bead shapes that can be popped together to make a chain or a circle of shapes. Perfect for developing hand – eye coordination and using fine motor skills. Similarly, Twistees will use those fine motor skills to screw the large colourful nuts and bolts together. 24 piece that can be mixed and matched in primary colours. Splodgers are yet another fine motor developmental tool. The bubble links can be put together in lots of combinations to make interesting shapes and designs. Slight pressure needs to be used to push the items together to create the links.

For those requiring sensory input, there are two sets of balls that fit the bill. Wibblers are a set of five textured balls of various softness and shape. Their design will affect the way they roll – each ball is 6cm diameter. Bobblers are a three set of much larger bristled balls in three different shapes. The Bobbly surface of the pyramid, sphere and cube adds a sensory element to play.

Poppa rolla is a pound and roll toy in primary colours. The hammer needs to be used to bop the balls so that they roll down the maze. Great for colour identification, hand/eye coordination, cause and effect demonstration and fine motor.

Popsiboxi is a shape sorter cube with 9 different shapes. Useful for categorisation, shape identification and sorting.

Fisheroo is a fun bathtime activity. Use the rod to catch three colourful fishies. It also comes with a mesh bag for easy storage. Excellent for developing hand and eye coordination.

The Play and Learn range is constantly expanding to meet the developmental needs of early learners and those with learning difficulties. See what suits you!

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