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First Creations

Inspire, Encourage and Create with First Creations

First Creations is a specialist Arts and Crafts range designed and tested for children under 3.

First Creations believe that every child is an artist and the desire to play, create and express themselves through art starts in their formative years. Before now, there has never been a specialist range designed and tested for children under 3.

Why this range is perfect for Early Learners…
The First Creations range has been especially designed to encourage engagement, achievement, fun and play, with each product designed for easy pick up and grip and with a sturdy build for enthusiastic budding artists. These tools help in the development of hand-eye coordination, motor skills, colour identification, shapes and self-confidence because there is not just one right way to make art. Every junior artist can feel pride in their original artistic creation.
First Creations and Young Minds
As you know, Early Learners are not always be able to verbalise their feelings. By using First Creations, and in the right environment, they might be able to colour, shape, paint, model and mould their feelings. Research shows that toddlers need to explore and express themselves rather than engaging in prescriptive, defined-outcome tasks. With Early Learners, trying, practicing, and developing new skills [whilst having lots of fun along the way!] is the most important thing, not the final result.
First Creations and Parents
First Creations is made for children to enjoy and for parents, teachers and guardians to possibly love just as much.  The products store easily (for a quick and easy clean up) and First Creations products are safe for children and most environments such as walls, floors, clothing and tables. Each product in the range has been individually approved and tested to the highest Australian industry safety standards.
The First Creations range at Special Needs Resource includes:
Easi Grip Crayons – crayons especially design for little hands with chunky, easy-to-pick-up barrels and sturdy construction for enthusiastic drawing and colouring.
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