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Chalk And Chuckles Games

Educational games and toys for all kinds of learners.

Time to put away schoolbooks and stationery and step into the Chalk & Chuckles world of fun and games. A place where the instructions are few and the possibilities are endless!

The Chalk & Chuckles philosophy is active learning through play and their core mission is help all kinds of learners develop future skills using toys, games and puzzles to build proficiencies and abilities. Win or lose, get it right first try or take many attempts, a faculty or skill is being developed through exercise in a meaningful way.

Chalk and Chuckles educational games have been developed by a Harvard trained psychologist specifically with educational and special needs consumers in mind. The games are inspiring and educational but are also designed to aid with teaching about emotion, empathy, teamwork, cognitive development, visual tracking and other skillsets. Each game has been specially developed to be multifaceted and to draw upon a cross-section of skills designed to light up different areas of the brain.

Specifically, each Chalk and Chuckles toy develops and builds either one or more of six key areas of learning and development:
Catchy Visualiser
These games make sure that nothing misses your eye! They boost the ability to remember things visually, build good eye-hand coordination, and help visualise things accurately. Areas of focus include visual tracking and visual spatial skills.
These fun language games encourage the development of vocabulary. They help develop skills to communicate the big ideas, thoughts and feelings, and also help Learners enter the world of storytelling and imaginative play.
Creative Cog
These games encourage ideas to run wild & find expression. They help in teaching how to prioritise, sustain attention and plan through play activities. They stretch thinking muscles and provide fun triggers to keep the memory cells growing.
Caring Connector
These games help Learners develop skills in the expresion of feelings and in learning how to connect with others. Areas of focus for these toys include the identification and communication of feelings; building self-regulation, empathy and kindness; and promoting sharing, turn-taking and playing as a team.
Clever Nod
These games have been created using basic pre-academic and academic concepts that can be integrated across international educational curriculums. They make learning fun!
Coordinated Mover
These games have been developed to inspire active play that works different muscles. The result? Better balance and co-ordination, and more fun doodling, writing and creating.  Areas of focus include gross, fine motor and graphomotor skills and sensorimotor play.
Fun, inspiring and fantastic tools for at home or in-class room use, Chalk & Chuckles games help in stimulating core development skills. Explore our full range available now.

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