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Enter a place where anything is possible! A place of colours, ideas and creativity. This is Apli Kids a place of limitless imagination, exploration and self-expression!

Apli Kids is a high-quality Spanish range of stationery, arts, crafts and educational products developed in alignment with schools and teachers.

At Apli, they recognise that every person lives in a different and unique world, coloured by their own experiences, tastes and pace of development.

Playing, drawing, arts and crafts are proven methods of developing and stimulating different intelligences, skills and abilities, and can also be used to share our world’s and inner lives with others. They are also a wonderful way of building self-confidence and self-expression as there are no wrongs and right in art.

The benefits of arts, crafts and creativity include:

Assisting in the development of fine motor skills

Using hands and eyes are the best way to develop fine motor skills and you can train these skills through activities and games adapted to each level of development such as drawing, painting, cutting, modelling, mazes and building.

Building Early Learning skills & knowledge
Playing with shapes, sizes and numbers, designing patterns and sequences connects Early Learners with mathematical thinking and can help with the development of problem-solving, reasoning and memory skills.

Developing Self-expression & Communication Skills
Expressing through art, colour, shapes and textures can help develop imagination and allow the sharing of ideas and exploring of worlds that others do not see, helping children and adults feel more connected to the world
Developing Spatial Awareness
Thinking, exploring and building in 3D and with 3D shapes helps with the understanding of size, location and proximity to other people, objects and devices.

Our range of Apli Kids games, toys and materials include puzzles, “Make Your Own” craft kits and arts tools, mosaics kits, stickers and more.

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