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Fat Brain Toys are the smart toy specialists. Their mission is to enrich families and provide “A Smarter Way to Play” by inspiring creativity and sparking curiosity through creative and colourful toys that are unlike any other.

The toys and games designed by Fat Brain are world class and made from top quality materials in an array of bright colours and tactile materials that will make a difference in an early learners’ life.

Designed to stimulate the senses, be tactile and interesting, Fat Brain Toys are perfect for developing new skillsets and exciting curiosity.

Find the Perfect Toy by Developmental Goals
Special Needs or not, every child is unique. And, as such, every child has different developmental goals. Whether you’re hoping to strengthen their tactile skills or hone their thinking skills, there is a Fat Brain Toy that can assist. The categories below can help point you to the perfect tool for your needs:
Plain and simple, cognition means the ability to think. These products were chosen especially for their remarkable potential for helping people with differing abilities think more effectively. Select a few of your favourite thought-building toys and watch interest and abilities grow.
Toys include: Oombee Ball, Squigz, Roll Again Maze, Bugzzle, Hexactly, Splitting Image
Language development covers a vast range of skills. Non-verbal communication (sign language, gestures, body language), oral motor ability (forming the mouth & tongue to make sounds), speaking (transfer of sounds to language), writing (transfer of language to text) and reading (transfer of text to language).
With so many skills to learn – what better way to learn language than through unusual toys that create the desire to communicate. These high quality speech toys delight!
Toys include: Dimple Duo, Splitting Image, all toys
Physical Toys
For adults and children alike, developing physical skills through playful interaction is a great way to go. Toys can help children and adults control and facilitate big body movements of large muscle groups and also with the smaller, more precise movements of smaller muscle groups. Surprising therapy tools like this appeal to everyone. You’ll can even join in too!

Toys include: all Dimpl toys, Suction Kupz, Oomee Ball, Bugzzle, Hexactly

Sensory Skills
Play therapy with meaningful sensory toys naturally encourages exploratory learning. Sensory toys arouse interest, rivet attention, and make it possible to discover different textures, sights, sounds, smells and tastes.
Sensory toys broaden potential for children and adults to freely engage the senses. Sight, hearing and touch – there are many fantastic sensory experiences waiting through play with Fat Brain Toys.
Toys include: Klickity, Squigz. Dimpl toys, Oombee Ball
Toys are phenomenal in their capacity to help us develop as social individuals. Children and adults can practice eye contact with others, understand non-verbal messages, and develop conversational skills. Great toys for socialisation can help special children and adults learn to get along with others. They can teach valuable life skills and reward solid efforts. These toys make interactions and relationship building more fun for everyone.

Toys include: all toys

No matter what age you are, play is the ideal way to exercise the mind, inspire the imagination, and spark new ways of thinking and solving problems. Whether you’re an educator looking for classroom resources or a Parent or Carer looking for fun new ways to engage & entertain Fat Brain Toys want to enhance everything you do with the power of play!

Check out the range we carry to see what attracts you!

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