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Gymnic – the way to move.

Gymnic are an Italian company that build and create products that are designed to enable and support the movement and well-being of people of all ages.

The four principles that inspire all products in the Gymnic range are:

  1. Movement
  2. Well-being
  3. Prevention
  4. Interaction

And each product designed and produced meets one or more of those guiding principles.

The range of Gymnic products in the Special Needs Resources range have been specifically chosen to help our Clients with exercise, sitting, and other therapeutic requirements.

Movin’ Sit
Large size balls are not always ideal in the office, classroom or at home due to space and storage reasons.  The Movin’ Sit range can perfectly fix the problem by providing the same beneficial effects of an exercise ball in a small-sized, easy portable cushion.

The Movin’ Sit is an inflatable seating cushion that is ideal for activating the trunk muscles and providing support for the spinal column. Its wedge shape has been carefully designed to encourage and maintain correct posture, as it encourages a balanced pelvic position. This device mimics the dynamic seating motion of an exercise ball and provides the same beneficial effects.

By adjusting the inflation level you are able to easily adjust the stability of each Movin’ Sit to meet each users bespoke requirements.

The Special Needs Resources range of Movin’ Sits includes both Adult and Junior sizes that can fit perfectly in the small chairs of nursery and primary schools.

The Sens’O’Roll is a fantastic tool that can be used both to support physiotherapy and the promotion of stability and as a tactile and sensory tool.

Easier to use than traditional gym balls, the Sens’O’Roll movement is limited to forward and backwards, providing maximum stability during exercise.  The wide saddle shape offers additional support so hat seers of all ages can exercise  a safe way, making it ideal for those who have coordination and balance difficulties, for the disabled, the elderly and children.

The Sens’O’Roll’s surface is covered with gentle bumps and this feature provides an easy-to-grip surface for the user who can also benefit from additional tactile stimulation and a pleasant massage.

The Disc’o’Sit is both a fitness and therapy tool.  This multi-purpose sitting cushion is very useful for improving co-ordination and reflexes. It is highly recommended as an active seating device, helping to relieve pressure on the back and providing movement while sitting. The level and degree of movement can be adjusted to suit each user through inflation.

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