Sensory & Liquid Timers

Special Needs Resources have a range of visual & timer items that are aimed at assisting with visual development issues, such as tracking. Others are visually appealing and designed to distract and calm. We are proud suppliers of Time Timer products, as well as a wide range of liquid timers.
Liquid Timers may help with concentation. The visual stimulation of the predictable , rythymic and flowing motion as the coloured blobs flow provides a subtle engaging opportunity to refine visual tracking skills.

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  • These calming and mesmerising devices are useful as a calming device by people suffering sensory overload.

    Liquid timers can be used for time outs or as a reward for completing a task.

    Liquid timers also demonstrate some basic scientific principles. Each timer contains coloured fluids of different densities. To create the droplets , the liquids inside the timer must be immiscible or mutually insoluble. This means that the coloured liquid won’t mix with or dissolve into the clear liquid.

    They are also an attractive desk accessory.

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