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B. Toys by Battat

Play by your own rules with B., the developmental toys for bold and curious minds

Welcome to the Land of B.!

Whether bold or curious, lively or adventurous, B. Toys encourage kids to B. exactly who they want to B.

Designed in Canada, B. are a premium range of toys in a beautiful colour palette from Battat, the family toy company with a 40-year history in producing high quality toys for kids and babies with enormous amounts of “learn through imaginative” play value.

Quirky and unique, B. toys are designed to inspire children’s individuality with unexpected colours, intriguing patterns, sensory textures and features that are as playful as they are educational and therapeutic.

Offering a full range of baby, toddler and preschool products all B. toys are educational; are long lasting and offer an infinite amount of play possibilities.

The range of toys that we’ve chosen specifically for Special Needs Resources include those that demonstrate:

  • cause and effect relationships
  • help develop fine motor skills
  • employ logic and cognitive skills to build or construct
  • help provide Auditory stimulation through music and sound
  • encourage role play and discussing the care of self and pets.
  • have some form or purpose that can be helpful therapeutically

The look, feel and function of each of these toys is part love, part mischief, part serendipity.

Toys are a little different, you can tell straight away that the colours don’t look like other toys, they’re more in line with nature and natural colours in the world.

Toys are designed to have a light environmental impact on the planet, they don’t just use recycled material in their packaging but the packaging is reusable, becoming part of the toy included inside. Some items even have reversible packaging that becomes gift wrapping.

The tagline of the B. Toys range sums up their design perfectly:

Just B. Just you. B. you.

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