Sensory Sensations - Sensory Tactile Fidget Pack 2

Sensory Tactile Fidget Pack 2



The Sensory Sensations tactile fidget pack 2 contains a variety of tactile products in a pack – buy and save!!

Sensory Sensations new fluffy ball wrist band.  Slap it on your arm and feel the soft fluffy ball.  Comes in many bright colours.

The squeezy face ball is a great stress relief toy, and great for special needs hand exercises.

Sensory Sensation new spiky rubber wrist band.  Slap it on your arm and feel the outer rubber spikes.  Many colour variations.

The atomic bead stress balls are a sensory best seller! They have crunchy balls inside, which give an extra sensory dimension to anxiety and stress relief.

The flashing light up Rainbow ball has several therapeutic benefits – It’s super tactile with soft plastic bristles in different colours; it’s visually stimulating with it lighting up on contact with a hard surface; it demonstrates cause and effect; and it utilises gross motor skills to toss and catch the ball.

Colours may vary with each pack.

This pack contains:

1 x Fluffy Slap Bracelet

1 x Atomic Stress Ball

1 x Spiky Slap Bracelet

1 x  Flexible Popping tube

1 x Spiky Light up Ball

Sold as a pack for $20.60!!

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