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Chalk & Chuckles Educational Pack


Original price was: $112.40.Current price is: $78.95.

Check out the awesome educational pack from Chalk and Chuckles, including the Spell Cat, Why Connect, Moody Snake and Clever Counting. Buy the pack and save 30%!

Check out the Chalk & Chuckles Educational Pack, a discounted pack of popular products! The pack includes:

  • Spell Cat: The Spell Cat has a special fascination for words, their sounds and their spelling. She feeds on cat food that she receives as a reward when you spell correctly. To play, you choose a picture word card. Place the letter word tiles in the correct sequence in the windows and close them. Write out the word on the whiteboard from memory and check if you were correct!
  • Why Connect: What do they have in common? Why Connect is a reasoning game that tests and builds upon your ability to reason, categorise and identify relationships between objects. Place different tiles together based on the relationship between pictures on them.
  • Moody Snake: A 40-piece puzzle that has additional elements of emotion and colour recognition, as well as visual tracking.
  • Clever Counting: The clever farmer never misses a count. Learn to count from 1-10 with the farmer as he moves around the farm in his tractor, in a unique number matching game.

Buy the pack and save 30% on these fantastic educational items!

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