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Pajama Party – Categorisation game



This game promotes improvement in visual observation and discrimination, colour matching and recognition, problem solving and processing speed.

Marvin Moo throws the best pajama parties ever! Have fun matching colours and compete to be the first to find the right cow, whose cap, slippers, pajamas, and shirt match the 2 dice colours. The player that gets the maximum Moo tokens wins the game. What’s more, you can be the first to find the matching cow to the thinking assignment cards, going beyond colours to look for patterns, shadow objects and numbers.
Contains: 21 Moo friends, tokens, 2 wooden colour dice, 21 thinking assignment cards, and instructions.

Age: 3-6 years

No. of players: 2-4

Measures in cm: 16.5x23x5.6

  • Please note – “Pajama” is mostly spelt as “Pyjama” in Australia. However, we’ve been advised by our Speech pathology evaluator that “Pajama” is also an acceptable spelling in Australia. Furthermore, the word is just a description of the game and has no part in game play.
Weight 1 kg
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