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School Resources Pack



The School Resources Pack is not only functional but also fun, making it a valuable addition to any classroom or home learning environment.

This fantastic value pack includes a variety of products for all ages at school! We recognise how difficult school can be for many children, and this pack is designed to ease the entire process, both at home and at school. The pack includes:

1x Pencil Grip 3 Step Training Kit. The training kit includes a Crossover Grip, Pinch Grip & The Pencil Grip which provides 3 easy steps to achieve comfort, promote proper writing posture and reduces fatigue.

1x Rewards Chart – Magnetic. The magnetic rewards chart comes with three sets of magnetic stars in three colours, and a range of magnetic reward suggestions. It also comes with a whiteboard pen so you can write individualised goals for your child.

1x Atomic Twist Fidget Toy. The Atomic Twist is a simple design, but perfect for fidgeting. It is small and portable, making it ideal for the classroom. Designed to be quiet and discreet, it is great for children with ADHD, anxiety or lack of concentration as it keeps little fingers busy to help stay focused.

1x 15 Minute Sand Timer. This timer provides a clear representation of the passing of time and can be used to teach the complex concept of time to young children. These Sand Timers can be used in both the classroom and at home for various activities such as games, tests, challenges or other timed tasks.

1x Ark Krypto Bite Chewable Pencil Topper. The Ark Chewable Pencil Topper is ideal for children who find themselves chewing on the ends of pencils. The pencil topper allows for a safe and non-toxic outlet for chewing. Comes in Red (Standard) to suit all chewing needs.

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