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Social and Emotional Regulation Game Pack



A fantastic pack of the most popular Junior Learning games, including the Social Skills Board Games, 50 Social Emotional Scenarios, 50 Mindfulness Activities and 50 Emotion Activities. An ideal collection for social and emotional regulation.


We have put together a great value pack of some of the most popular Junior Learning games, perfect for development of social and emotional regulation. The pack includes:

  • Social Skills Board Games
  • 50 Social Emotional Scenarios
  • 50 Mindfulness Activities
  • 50 Emotion Activities

The Social Skills Board Games will help you develop and learn new social skills and behaviours simply by playing, laughing and having fun with your friends and family. This set uses different gameplays such as action games and sentence building games that will keep children entertained while learning about the topics of empathy, friendship, manners and emotions.

The 50 Social Emotional Scenario cards will help children navigate through these situations by developing different social skills such as showing empathy, understanding, tolerance and communication. Each activity will encourage children to reflect on the scenario by providing a number of prompt questions for children to think about and discuss.

The 50 Mindfulness Activities uses fun and engaging games and activities to help become more focused, manage difficult emotions and practice a more caring and compassionate attitude.

The 50 Emotion Activities is a set of double-sided activity cards that teach children how to identify and express different emotions using interactive tasks such as art, music, dance, acting and group work. As children progress through the activity, they will develop new vocabulary and techniques to deal with emotions.

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