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Big Emotions Pack



The Big Emotions Pack from Special Needs Resources is a kit with some of our most popular items for managing social and emotional regulation. Includes Boiling Over Anger Management, 50 Emotions Activities and an Emotional Regulation Resources Pack.

Looking to manage those big and overwhelming emotions? Look no further than the Big Emotions Pack from Special Needs Resources. A carefully curated collection of items and tools designed to help individuals manage and navigate their emotions effectively. It serves as a portable resource that offers comfort, support, and practical strategies for regulating and coping with a wide range of emotions, from stress and anxiety to sadness and anger. This pack is intended to promote emotional well-being, encourage self-awareness, and provide a sense of empowerment when facing emotional challenges.

  • Boiling Over Anger Management
  • 50 Emotion Activities
  • Emotional Regulation Resources Pack

Boiling Over Anger Management is a matching game designed to teach anger management skills to kids. Compete with your friends and family in this unique emotional skills style memory game. Learn to identify ways in which to stay calm and identify where you might lose your temper and boil over!

50 Emotion Activities is a set of double-sided activity cards that teach children how to identify and express different emotions using interactive tasks such as art, music, dance, acting and group work. As children progress through the activity, they will develop new vocabulary and techniques to deal with emotions.

The Emotional Regulation Resources Pack by Sensory Sensations is a fantastic value pre-packaged pack of products. It used to promote anxiety management and provide calming tools to soothe where needed. The resources demonstrate cause and effect and give opportunity to fidget in various ways.

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