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Slime and Putty Pack

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About this product

This Slime and Putty Pack contains a variety of slimy products in a pack - buy and save!!

Galaxy Slime is an out of this world, a milky way coloured tactile experience!

Next a Oozy, rubbery, stretchy slime with a baby dino inside the egg. In a range of colours, this is a fun sensory novelty. 

Hot Slime is a gooey fun sensory sensation, in bright fluoro colours! Let it drip through your fingers, gloop from hand to hand or just play with the slimy texture for fun.

Then find a little alien in its pod, waiting to be awoken. Soft and flexible Alien slime and fun to touch.

Fart Putty- A fun, tactile and rather rude way to exercise those fingers and hands! If you can make your putty fart, then you're doing a good job using those fine motor skills.

Colours may vary.

This pack contains:

1 x Galaxy Slime Ball RRP $2.99

1 x Dino Slime RRP $3.85

1 x Hot Slime RRP $2.50

1 x Alien Slime RRP $4.50

1 x Fart Putty  RRP $3.30

Total RRP = $17.14 - sold as a pack for $14.99!!