Sale! by Battat – Pipsqueak the Talk Back Fox

$38.99 $30.00

Talk to him and he’ll repeat what you say in a super cute voice! Great for encouraging vocalisation for those with a speech and language delay.

  • Say what? Press pipsqueak’s tummy and start talking. Hear him repeat what you just said in his own silly voice!
  • Shake him up and see what happens! Pipsqueak keeps on repeating… and repeating and repeating… what you just said! Press the belly again to start a new conversation!
  • Softness overload! Besides chit-chatting, this talking fox also looooves cuddling. Pipsqueak has a soft, silky fur, perfect for sensory input from different fabrics.
  • Dimensions are 12.60″ (L) x 6.50″(W) x 6″ (D) and comes with 2 x AA batteries.

A fantastic sensory toy that has therapeutic value in language development, interaction and auditory stimulation!


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