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Marbleez Nee Doh



Just like a classic marble, only squishy! The satisfying Nee Doh is ideal for mindfulness, managing stress and anxiety and much more,

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Just like a squishy version of a classic marble!

Marbleez Nee Doh from Schylling is a soothing, squishy and unique stress ball. They boast an incredibly beautiful marble-like pattern, and are transparent inside, so they mimic the look of real marbles! They come in a variety of beautiful colours and are filled with liquid for a unique and satisfying sensory sensation.

NeeDoh is the gratifying super soft, super stretchy dough filled groovy glob that started a squish sensation! Squeeze it, pull it, smush it, and then watch it return to its original shape. Feeling a bit stressed or anxious? Want to practice more mindfulness? Looking for good vibes and your best mellow and chill? You NEED (Knead) NeeDoh! With expansions into various shapes, sizes, fillings, and textures, one squeeze turns into many for a fun sensory experience at home, school, in the office, car, or anywhere at any time.

Caution – Item may rupture or split under heavy pressure. Item is suitable for light fidgeting only. These balls are made from soft rubbery material and are toys, so can be pulled apart. 

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