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3″ 60 minute timer



A 3″ timer that visible demonstrates time frames to assist with focus and concentration.

The Time Timer Original 60 minute 3” (7.62cm) timer  is an ideal 60 minute timer for individuals or small groups and has a protective cover that flips over to serve as a desktop stand. It is available in three colors: Charcoal, Lime Green and Sky Blue.Choose the colour that best suits you!

The Time Timer works by having the red middle section diminishing as the time winds down. This provides visual evidence of the passing of time and is useful in providing focus and concentration to those affected by distraction. Our learning support customers have reported that this is a great product for activities that can be done in defined periods of time. Knowing that the activity is for 60 minutes and watching time passing is useful for those prone to not concentrating or having issues with sitting still for lengths of time. The Time Timer can also have other applications for the office.

The 3″ Time Timer is one of the smaller Time Timer products and is best used for individuals. Larger Time Timers would be best used in group situations.

The Time Timer could be applied in assisting with the completion of homework or home tasks as well as in the educational setting. It could also be used at home for family time together such as meals, to ensure a short term focus.

Give it a try and see if is effective for your purposes. Check out the full range of Time Timer products to see what best suits your purposes.

All Time Timer products are made in the USA from high grade plastic. Batteries are not included. All come attractively packaged in a box.


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