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The Easyread Time Teacher Alarm Clocks have lots of great features! Not only are they colour coded so that children can learn and understand how to read time, but they also have a light sensor that acts as a subtle night light and a crescendo alarm that increases in urgency if not turned off.

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The Easyread Time Teacher Alarm Clock has a clear face design and simple teaching method make it really easy for children to learn to tell the time. The EasyRead Time Teacher Alarm Clock is a fully functioning alarm clock that also helps children learn to tell the time using their simple 3 step teaching system.

The presentation of the watch face is broken into “past” and “to” sections which make it easier to understand minutes PAST the hour and minutes TO the hour. An explanation of how the Easyread Time Teacher Watch can be used is described below:

Step 1. Label the long hand as being related to HOURS. Read the number at the end of the long hand on the outer ring
Step 2. Describe which side of the clock the long hand is pointing to (Minutes Past, or Minutes To)
Step 3. Label the shorter hand as being related to MINUTES – read the larger number at the end of the short hand.

The Easyread Time Teacher Alarm clock features a crescendo alarm, which starts with a gentle beep and gets progressively more urgent until it is turned off. The snooze button disables the alarm for 5 minutes before it starts again, while the built in light sensor controls the brightness of the clock face. The light sensor creates a gentle glow in the dark and doubles as a night light. Kids can also press the snooze button to increase the brightness of the clock face. The silent sweep movement ensures there’s no annoying ticking sound. The Easyread Time Teacher is the perfect bedside clock.

Available in rainbow face, and red and blue face.


Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 14.5 × 13 × 8 cm
Method 12/24 Hour, Past & To
Face Rainbow Face, Red & Blue Face
Features Crescendo alarm, Snooze, Nightlight
Age 4
Batteries 3x AA
Batteries included? No

The EasyRead range also includes Watches and Classroom wall clocks.

Size: 12 cm diameter.

Ideal for children aged 5+

We carry three different styles of Easyread Time Teacher Watches. There are two Rainbow faced Watches, with the numerals in different bright colours. One has a purple strap and the other a navy blue strap. The third Easytime Time Teacher Watch has a red/blue face and a light blue strap. Pick the watch that suits you best!

The Easyread Time Teachers also have Alarm Clocks and Classroom Wall Clocks in the range. Check out whether a watch would be suitable too EasyRead Time Teacher – Time Teacher Watches




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