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Special Needs Resources has a range of weighted animals of varying weights and sizes which can aid in calming and satisfying the need for deep pressure. Our range of plush toys are made here in Australia by a reputable supplier. Our smaller sand-filled toys are less weighty but portable to make them available wherever you are. Weighted toys may help children and adults with sensory processing disorders feel calmer and more relaxed. Weights can vary depending on the user’s needs and comfort level, weighted toys are made with weights between 500g and 7kg and the size of the toys will depend on what suits the individual.

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Research has shown that those with sensory processing disorders can benefit from weighted toys. In people with sensory processing disorder, the brain has difficulty receiving and processing information taken in via the senses.  There can be a disconnect between external stimuli & the way the brain takes in and responds to information. Basic, routine touches — like the feel of clothing against the skin or a metal zipper touching the body can be unbearable. Sounds can be overwhelming.  Sensory processing disorder can be likened to a neurological “traffic jam,” where information taken in through the senses gets jumbled and disorganized. It can be difficult to make others understand just how disruptive sensory processing disorder can be.

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