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Window Art



Create your own artwork using the stencils provided to stick to your window for you to appreciate every day!

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A creative art kit that creates artwork that will adhere to glass and is easily removable as well! Use the components provided to create pieces of work that you can appreciate daily on your window as the sun shines through!

Simply choose a design you would like to trace, put it under the clear film and trace and colour your own animal or insect design with the special translucent paint included. Once you’ve done your design, place it in a safe spot to dry. Once dried, gently peel your leadlight masterpiece off the clear film and place on any window or glass surface. The picture will cling to the glass and you can sit back and enjoy seeing the beautiful colours and light pass through your art work.

Each set comes with 5 assorted gel coloured paints and 1 large black gel colour paint, one clear film sheet and 1 page of assorted animal patterns.

This set is a great craft item for beginners for ages 5 +

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