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Rainbow Spinning Bells



The Rainbow Spinning Bells includes eight colourful bells that rotate on a plastic stand, perfect for auditory stimulation and demonstrating cause and effect.

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Rainbow Spinning Bells are a unique, elegantly designed musical instrument. Eight colourful bells rotate on a plastic stand, each playing a different note when tapped with the enclosed mallet. Very easy to play whilst giving kids a fun introduction to the musical scale.

Two playing modes available. The bells can be used while attached to their spinning base or the base can be removed allowing them to be held and played like a glockenspiel. These bells are fantastic for auditory stimulation and demonstrating cause and effect. This resource can also be used for RAMSR (Rhythm and Movement for Self-Regulation). RAMSR is an evidence-based program for young children that aims to support their attentional and emotional regulation skills, as well as assisting autism and sensory needs.

Product Features:

  • Diameter: 21cm
  • Includes playing instructions and a colour-coded, easy-to-play music sheet containing eight songs.
  • Bells are tuned to C major.

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