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Peeka is a shatter resistant mirror, which is a dynamic toy for babies that provides fantastic therapeutic benefits, including cognitive development, head control and early development of communication skills.

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Peeka by Mobi Games is a developmental mirror for babies which can lay flat, be propped on its stand or be held. It is a shatter resistant mirror and has been encased in food grade silicone. It is a perfect tummy time mirror but is also portable due to its compact size. Let your baby babble away for hours at their reflection!

Peeka is a dynamic and multidimensional mirror – a toy that keeps a baby’s attention and packed with assistive developmental attributes.

Mirrors have notable therapeutic benefit, particularly in babies and toddlers. It can assist in cognitive development, head control, early development of communication skills and motor skills.

Product Features/Benefits:

  • BPA and Phthalate Free
  • Encourages sensory exploration
  • Demonstrates cause and effect.
  • Develops problem solving skills and motor skills.
  • Age 0 months+
  • Clear sight, shatter resistant, premium mirror

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