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Monkey Travel Pillow & Eye Mask



Say hello to Jeremy the Monkey, your new best friend for boring travel days! This cute pouch easily turns into an eye mask and a travel pillow for added comfort whilst on a long journey.

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From the RELAXEAZZZ range, introducing the Monkey Travel Pillow and Eye Mask!

Jeremy wants you to be his friend and have fun together, then when you need to rest at home or travelling somewhere, you can just unzip him and dream about all the adventures you will have together.

Jeremy the Monkey is part of the RELAXEAZZZ Adoramals collection. He is made from polyester and spandex, with a handy plastic clip to attach to a belt or bag so he never gets lost! Designed to fit both children and adults Jeremy can be washed up to 30°C so is easy to keep clean.

Made from plush, soft fabric, Jeremy is a comforting companion for travelling for those who may experience travel anxiety or other health challenges. Can also assist in calming and self-soothing for those adversely affected by light or during sensory overload. The eye mask can be taken on the go and used where needed.


14 x 15 x 9cm closed.

15 x 27 x 7cm open.

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