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Lycra Fidget Cuff Small



Lycra Fidget Cuffs can be taken anywhere to provide fidgeting stimulation.

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Need to quietly tactile sensory seek at times and find you regularly lose your fidget item?  Check out this new Sensory Matters fidget! We have the combined the brilliant stretch of Lycra with the wonderful sensory input of poly pellets to create a fidget cuff. It is ideally worn on the non-dominant wrist to be able to provide easily accessible sensory input.

The Lycra Fidget Cuff is available in small and large, to ensure the fit is both secure as well as not too tight. The wearer can fidget with just 1 poly pellet inside the Lycra between their fingers, or they can grab a whole fistful and squish them all at once; all while wearing it.

This product is not suitable to be used as a wrist weight for writing as it is too bulky. If you are looking for a wrist weight Wrist Weights – Pair 250g each side, 500 g total  or Wrist Weights – Pair 125g each side, 250 g total will be better choices.



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