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Baby Seat Growing Type Swing



The ‘Growing Type’ Baby Swing from Special Needs Play Equipment is a unique design that adjusts in size as your baby grows up. Swinging has fantastic benefits of improving a child’s agility, balance and coordination along with their spatial awareness.

This Baby Swing Set from Special Needs Play Equipment will be a fantastic joy for your little one. The unique design actually adjusts as your baby grows up! It will be a swing that will be with you for years and will improve any play area. It is arguably one of the highest quality baby swing seats available on the market.

Swinging has several therapeutic benefits for children. It impacts children’s ABC: agility, balance and coordination and improves their spatial awareness.

Product Features:

  • The backrest can be switched between two positions.
  • Extra high back for maximum neck support
  • Has a safety strap with buckle that clicks securely when closed.
  • Rings and eights are made in galvanised steel.
  • Black PP welds on ropes
  • Made from 3 detachable plastic parts.

All KBT products are being tested and being approved according to the latest European directives and regulations, and comes with Certification, 2-years warranty, manufactures date, safety care instructions.

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