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Acrylic Mirror – Oral Motor Exercises



An acrylic mirror with mouth exercise pictures for practicing oral motor skills.

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Dimensions: 300mm (W) x 390mm (H)  NEW – Bigger mirror!

Acrylic safety mirrors are a perfect resource for children to explore a range of mouth exercises.  This lightweight but durable mirror will not shatter and is super hard to break, with rounded corners for safe handling by little hands. This mirror features exercises for tongue, jaw, lips and cheeks.

Oral motor skills refer to the appropriate functioning and use of the facial muscles (lips, jaw, tongue, cheeks, and palate) for speaking and eating. Achieving oral motor skills is an important part of every child’s communication and feeding development. Normal oral motor development begins during fetal stage and continues up until 4 years of age.

Delay or deviant oral motor development may lead to poor verbal communication skills and feeding difficulties. Some children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Down’s syndrome, Intellectual Disability and Global Developmental Delays present with weakness of oral muscles. Oral motor exercises help to improve strength, range of movement and co-ordination of the oral muscles which will facilitate better speech and swallowing function.

This resource assists with Quality Area 2 and EYLF Outcome 2.

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