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11pce Kids Brush & Palette Set



This impressive and high-quality 11pce Brush and Palette set is perfect for all those aspiring artists. Encourages the use of fine motor skills and imaginative play.

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This is the ultimate set of brushes and palettes for any aspiring artist. Arm yourself with a solid variety of paintbrushes with this Tim & Tess Brush & Palette Set! The impressive plastic palette holds 11 paint colours and is made of smooth, shiny plastic that is super easy to clean. The brush selection includes flat, round and dagger brushes of different sizes, giving young painters the tools they need to for painting both large sweeps of colour and smaller details. All 10 brushes are easily cleaned with mild soap and warm water, as is the palette.

This is the perfect set to promote development of fine motor skills through arts and crafts, along with encouraging creative and imaginative play.

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