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Take Apart Crane



Take Apart Crane uses logic, mechanical assembly and fine motor skills to assemble and disassemble.

Use those fine motor and cognitive skills to take things apart and put them back together with the Take-A-Part Crane.

Use logic and thinking to work out assembly. The nifty powered screwdriver works just like the grown-up version, turning in two different directions to loosen and tighten connectors.

30 colorful and chunky pieces, easy to assemble with the battery-powered drill. Once all the pieces are put together, it’s a working, moving toy crane. The toy drill turns in both directions, just like the grown-up version; because, using the right tool is always best! Includes 3 different bits to adapt to the different screws and connectors. Developmental and construction toys helps develop strong motor skills, hand-eye coordination and gives kids a little boost of confidence. Because, nothing beats that feeling of accomplishing something, whether it is putting together a plane or a crane. All Take-Apart Toys meet or exceed safety standards. It can aid in teaching pattern matching and mechanical skills. Suitable for ages 3+.

34 PIECES: 30 crane components, 1 hand drill, and 3 drill adaptors.

What you should know:

  • 1 Take-Apart Crane with 1 toy drill and 3 bits
  • When all put together, it’s a working, moving toy crane
  • Helps build strong motor skills and hand-eye coordination
  • All Battat Take-Aparts are recommended 3 years +
  • DIMENSIONS : 16 (L) x 6 (W) x 10 (H)


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