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Visual Stimulation Kit



The Visual Stimulation Kit provides therapeutic benefits including strengthening visual processing, encourages exploratory learning and can soothe individuals of all ages.

The all-new Special Needs Resources Visual Stimulation Kit contains a variety of visual tracking and stimulation products for a range of uses. This kit has several therapeutic benefits, including:

  • Enhancing Visual Processing: Helps in developing and refining visual tracking and scanning skills.
  • Provides Sensory Stimulation: Offers a variety of therapeutic sensory experiences.
  • Encourages Exploratory Learning: Each item in the kit is designed to foster curiosity and discovery in different ways.
  • Promotes Calming & Focus: Soothing visual stimulation and effects are ideal for individuals who benefit from calming and soothing sensory outlets.

The pack contains 7 fantastic items, including:

  • Kaleidoscope: An old-fashioned kaleidoscope is a great distraction as well as having a use as a visual tool. Turn the end of the kaleidoscope and see a moving picture of changing colour and light. A sensory delight!
  • Peanut Liquid Timer: Oil drip motion timers are great for visual tracking purposes. Watch as the oil drips down and track it as it flows down the ramps to the bottom of the vessel as a quiet, stress-free activity.
  • Look n’ Sea: A water play toy suitable for bath time or outdoors. It introduces the concepts of mirrors and reflections as the sea creatures are reflected back.
  • Magic Mirror Shapes are an early introduction to colours and shapes and mirror images.
  • Spy Mirror: Peer into one side of the spy mirror and see what’s to the left or right of you! Assists with spatial awareness and visual tracking.
  • Moody Snakes: A 40-piece puzzle that has additional elements of emotion and colour recognition, as well as visual tracking.
  • Mini Sports Telescope: A telescope at one end, and a microscope at the other! It comes as a pendant, with a little top that has to be detached to allow viewing.
  • Kaleidoscope Lamp Projector: A calming and mesmerising lamp that produces an amazing kaleidoscopic light show whilst rotating around.

Buy the pack and SAVE!

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