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Behaviour Management Value Pack



The Special Needs Resources Behaviour Management Pack includes an array of products to equip children with essential life skills to navigate their emotions and behaviours.

The Special Needs Resources Behaviour Management Pack has been designed to include engaging and therapeutic tools to assist in behaviour and emotions management. Buy the pack and receive a discounted price!

The pack includes:

1x Rewards Chart – Magnetic. This colourful and interactive chart is a fantastic way to motivate and encourage positive behavior. The chart uses a system of rewards, helping children to visually track their progress and achievements. This aids in developing a sense of accomplishment and reinforces good behaviour patterns.

1x Boiling Over Anger Management. This engaging ‘keep calm’ matching game designed to teach anger management skills to kids. Compete with your friends and family in this unique emotional skills style memory game. Learn to identify ways in which to stay calm and identify where you might lose your temper and boil over!

1x Sometimes I Feel Angry. This engaging book assists in teaching emotions and responses and understanding feelings. By learning lessons about feelings and responses, this greatly assists emotional development.

1x Wipe Clean Learning – Emotions. This durable and reusable learning aid is designed to provide endless opportunities for practice and learning. They are particularly useful for children who benefit from repeated practice, offering a tactile and visual way to learn about various behaviors and emotions.

The Behaviour Management Pack is an invaluable resource for parents, teachers, and therapists. It plays a crucial role in developing emotional intelligence and resilience in children. By incorporating these tools into daily routines, children are equipped with essential life skills to navigate their emotions and behaviors in a positive and constructive way.

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