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The Special Needs Resources Travel Pack is the ultimate collection of products to make travelling an enjoyable and stress-free experience.

The Special Needs Resources Travel Pack has been meticulously designed to make travelling a comfortable and stress-free experience for all. With a range of useful and fun products, this value pack is an ideal toolkit for parents or carers. The pack includes:

1x Kids Noise Reduction Earmuffs. These are fantastic for travelling with children sensitive to noise. High-quality sound insulation effectively muffles overstimulating noises, making them ideal to be used in crowded or loud settings. Comes in Black, Green or Silver. Colour randomly selected.

1x Weighted Lap Blanket 2.5kg offers a soothing and grounding effect during travel. It promotes relaxation and reduces anxiety. Made from a soft, tactile fabric that is both durable and easy to clean, making this lap blanket a practical choice for travel. Choose from Pink or Blue.

1x Korimco Travel Pillow and Eye Mask. Enhance your child’s comfort while travelling with these cute and versatile travel pillow and eye mask combo. The pillow provides neck support while the soft, light-blocking eye mask encourages restful sleep. Compact and lightweight, it’s an essential travel companion for any journey. Comes in a range of styles, including Dinosaur, Zebra, Lion, Shiba or Monkey. Style randomly selected.

1x Pop n Slide Fidget Puzzle. A great fidget and fine motor development product for travelling. Push the coloured balls inwards to another position on the ball. Manipulate them all to match the coloured ball back to its coloured spot on the ball. The perfect product for fun while travelling.

1x Bendy Emoji Man can be manipulated into several different shapes and positions. They are a great toy in assisting development of fine motor skills and for those who need to fidget. An entertaining tactile resource which has the therapeutic benefits of improving dexterity and hand strengthening.

1x Cloud Putty is a soft, marshmallow texture makes it perfect for doing hand exercises in squeezing & massaging. It is also a great fidget tool, or just fun to play with while travelling.

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