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Sensory Balls Mega Set of 4



A mega set of 4 sensory balls from massage to play to stimulate the senses!

  • SENSORY ENGAGEMENT: Nubbly surface engages the senses and enhances tactile development
  • MOTOR SKILL DEVELOPMENT: Gripping, tossing, bouncing, and rolling encourage growth of fine and gross motor skills
  • ENHANCE LOGIC AND REASONING: Rolling, tracking, and bouncing enhance hand-eye coordination, visual sensory development, and logic & reasoning skills
  • VISUALLY STIMULATING: Bright, colorful design engages visual senses and encourages color recognition skills
  • Contains 4 balls; Colors may vary; Recommended for ages 6 months and up; Edushape products are made with BPA and phthalate free plastic
  • Each ball has a different surface texture for different sensory stimulation.

For more information on motor skill difficulties for kids with autism: Motor Skills in Autistic Children | LoveToKnow


Weight 10 kg

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