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Bubbles – XXL Bubble Sticks



XXL Bubble sticks with dipping container and 1 litre bubble bottle by the renown German brand Pustefix. Can you create huge bubbles?

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PUSTEFIX XXL Bubbles – A pack containing XXL Large Bubble Sticks, a dipping container and 1 litre of Pustefix Bubble Mix for b=plenty of bubble blowing!

Can you make the wand produce extra large bubbles? Use those gross motor skills to try and create huge bubbles!

Therapeutic Benefits of Bubbles:

  • Distracting and calming
  • Gross motor skill activation
  • Creative play

Manufacturer: Pustefix
Age: 7+
Usage:  –
Made in: Germany
Web Site: www.pustefix.de
Pack Type:
Weight: 1000.00 grams
Dimensions: 330 x 140 x 105 mm

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