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Sensory Sensations Liquid Timer - Collection 4

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About this product

The Liquid Timers sensory set is a fun collection of liquid timers for children and adults to explore and admire. Liquid timers are also known as oil drip timers and several other names including liquid motion timer, liquid oil timer or liquid oil drop motion timer.

This set includes a Hourglass Timer, Twist Timer, Large Ramp Timer and Two Wheeled Timer. All four of these Liquid Timers are popular on their own and together make a nice collection.

These items are great for several purposes. Firstly they make an interesting desk ornament or distraction toy. They are also used by some people to help with relaxation. People find the slow moving drops provide a soothing and relaxing experience.

They can also be used by teachers or parents to help with anxiety levels and calming. Some people find then useful for anxious kids.

In particular children with sensory processing issues seem to respond well to the predictable, rhythmic flowing motion of the liquid timer.

The actual running time of each of the timers depends on various factors including the model and the temperature of the room. The time varies considerably and can be anywhere between 60 and 200 seconds for liquid timers depending on the model.

Please note these liquid timers are recommended for children aged 3+ years and require adult supervision. These items are not toys, and must be used with care as they may break when dropped from a height or used with force. As these are a teaching resource, ensure timers are not accessible to children without supervision.