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Zip Line with Disc Swing



The Zip Line and Disc Swing from Special Needs Play Equipment is a super fun resource, easy to mount to any tree in your backyard. Can assist in improving arm and leg strength and coordination. Comes in 2 colours, red and green.

This Zip Wire with a Disc Swing is a fun resource from Special Needs Play Equipment which brings the excitement and adrenaline of cableways to your own backyard. The zipwire is easy to mount to trees in your backyard. Using the zip line with the disc swing attached can help in improving arm and leg strength and hand-eye coordination.

Product Features:

  • Made from high quality injection moulded polyamide housing.
  • Metal suspension frame inside, increasing durability.
  • Grips have an anti-slip surface.
  • Includes Zip Wire and Disc Swing
  • 186 x 266 x 125mm
  • Weight Limit: 70kg
  • Comes in 2 colours: Red and Green

All KBT products are being tested and being approved according to the latest European directives and regulations.


Red, Green

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