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Touchless Handwash 30 Second Digital Timer



The Touchless Digital Timer WASH by Time Timer makes the handwashing process easy, by breaking it down into 3 steps and times the recommended duration for hand washing to ensure hands are germ-free. Suitable for classrooms, bathrooms or kitchens.


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The Touchless Digital Timer WASH by Time Timer helps to keep ourselves and others safe with the water-resistant visual timer for handwashing. It times the recommended duration for cleanliness, giving people of all ages and abilities an easy-to-understand resource for ensuring their hands are germ-free, perfect for the classroom, the bathroom, or the kitchen.  

The Time Timer WASH times for a total of 30 seconds, broken down into 3 simple steps for handwashing:

  1. Soap (5 seconds),
  2. Scrub (20 seconds)
  3. Rinse (5 seconds)

The WASH can be started just by waving a hand in front of it! It also has the option of music and sound which can be easily switched on and off. The sound is useful for auditory stimulation and to reinforce steps but can also be run completely silently for those sensitive to sound.

The timer includes a suction cup which can be attached to the bottom or back of the timer to be placed on a mirror, glass or any non-porous surface. It can also be a standalone timer or be hung on the wall with a screw or nail.


  • Has the therapeutic benefits of assisting in curbing OCD, germaphobia and general anxiety disorder associated with pandemic anxiety and washing hands.
  • Measures: 9.5 x 9.5 x 6cm
  • Intuitively understood by all ages and abilities
  • Encourages kids to wash hands independently.
  • Simplifies handwashing into 3 simple steps.
  • Consistent use ensures a sanitary environment and helps kids understand how long to wash hands.
  • Touchless operation keeps device free of germs.
  • No need to understand numbers to know how long to wash hands.
  • Transcends language and culture barriers.
  • Requires 3 AA/1.5V batteries (not included).

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