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Plus – 20 Minute Timer



A 20 min time timer to assist with concentration and focus.

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The Time Timer 20 MIN is an easy-to-read tool that will help keep you on track for shorter periods of time. The greater visual impact makes it easy for young students to see the passing of time, and it’s ideal for the shorter work cycles in elementary education. It is also a useful tool to help keep meeting agenda items on track, and to manage blocks of homework, silent reading, and sports or instrument practice.

The Time Time promotes concentration for an explicit period of time. The alarm indicates when the time has expired and the facing of the clock shows when time is running down on the 60 minutes. Focus is promoted when a time period has been set, and the urge to be distracted is lessened by the defined time frame.

The Time Timer Plus 20 minute timer can be used in any setting from the classroom, office and home. Useful not just for teachers, but also for parents in encouraging the completion of homework and assignments. It can also be helpful in meetings to make sure that schedules are adhered to and tangential discussion curbed so as to finish within the time set.

Learning support teachers have reported an improvement in concentration using the Time Timer system.

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