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Silkworm Fidget for the Hand



Weighted beads to roll between fingers for a discreet fidget solution.

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The SILKWORM  is a new version of the caterpillar bead range, with a broader, flatter and textured design. The hand crafted Silkworm will provide sensory support and enjoyment.

It has heavier and more weighted beads than the caterpillar fidget.

The weighted stainless steel beads roll between fingers beautifully and the cord can be rubbed as well. You can push your fingers in between the beads for a similar sensation to the pea popper.

It is particularly great for those that stim with fabric, Blu-Tack rollers or like low sensory input as it slides between the fingers & is very calming. It is small, discreet and quiet, making it ideal for the workplace, travel or the classroom.

Not suitable for 3 and under as beads can pose a choking risk

Approx. 20gms (compared to 14gms for caterpillar fidget for hand)

Made in Melbourne

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