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Shape Factory



A shape sorter with a difference! Ten unique shapes and four slots – use those cognitive skills to work out how they fit!

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Fat Brain Toys – Shape Factory

Shape-sorting with a twist!
There are ten unique shapes and four slots. Can you figure out how to fit ALL the shapes through the slots?
Here’s how it works: With a push of the button, the top twists and the slots all change. Kids have to explore and experiment to solve the puzzle and match all the shapes!
Then, open the door to release the blocks and start the fun all over again.
Classic shape-matching fun gets a boost of brain-strengthening excitement with the Shape Factory!

Shape Factory

  • Unique shape-sorting puzzle
  • Encourages spatial reasoning, fine motor skills, problem-solving, experimentation
  • Push the button to twist the top and change the shapes of the slots
  • Kids must explore and experiment to fit all 10 shapes into the Shape Factory
  • Open the door to release the shapes and start the fun again
  • Chunky shapes are easy for smaller hands to grasp
  • Includes Shape Factory, 10 unique shape blocks
  • Shape blocks each measure approximately 4 x 4 x 4 cm
  • High-quality materials and construction – Lasting durability
Therapeutic Benefits:
Encourages sensory exploration
Encourages tactile learning
Helps in the development of fine motor skills
Helps in the development of object permanence,
Helps in the development  of spatial reasoning

Suitable for Ages: 6 Months +

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