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Animal Themed Fidget/Stress Pack 2


Original price was: $25.00.Current price is: $22.50.

This Stress Relief Pack contains a variety of stress balls and tactile products in a pack – buy and save!!

This Stress Pack has a fun animal theme. This pack contains a variety of stress and tactile products – buy and save!!

The fun sticky eyeball has a sticky, tacky feel. Can you get it to stick upside down on your hand? Throw it on the wall?

The Squeezy Slow Rise Shark is a huge stress ball approx 15cm made from memory foam – squeeze him flat and watch him slowly regain his shape!

The small squeezy liquid filled chick ball fits in pockets and has a latex shell.

The Squeezy Dinosaur is filled with beads and has a crunchy feel when squeezed, with a rubbery exterior.

The Bendy Monkey is a wiry manipulative that can be bent into all kinds of shapes!

Also included is a soft squishy ball shaped like a dinosaur. Not only are these great as a tactile item, they also exercise those hand muscles in a therapeutic way to get the goo ball to squeeze out of the dinosaurs mouth. The soft rubber coating provides an additional tactile experience.

Colours may vary with each pack.

This pack contains:

1 x Squishy Dinosaur (style may vary)

1 x Sticky Eyeball (colour may vary)

1 x Slow Rise Memory Shark

1 x Dinosaur Head Stress Ball

1 x Squeezy Chick

1 x Bendy Monkey

Total RRP = $25 – sold as a pack for $22.50!

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