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Sandy the 1.3kg Weighted Sloth



The 1.3kg Weighted Sloth from Sensory Sensations is a fantastic toy for those who benefit from the sensory input of additional weight on their body. This cute little guy weighs approximately 1.3kg, measures 20cm tall and is great to cuddle with and hold in your lap.

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This super cute sloth toy from Sensory Sensations is designed to look just like a real sloth and be a great companion for all ages. It weighs 1.3kg, making it perfect to be placed on the lap, cuddle with or to take naps with (sloths do sleep 15 hours a day after all!) This toy is perfect for all kinds of fun and adventures, as the sloth is made of a high-quality, surface washable material.

Weighted toys are a great tool for individuals with sensory seeking behaviours. The sloth is small enough to fit on the lap or to be taken on the go for support anywhere, measuring 20cm tall. It can also act as a potential emotional support animal providing comfort for people suffering from stress, anxiety, depression, PTSD, Autism and other health challenges. This is the perfect snuggly friend for anyone!

Weight 1.3 kg

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