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Rainbow Playground Ball



Rainbow Playground Ball is a fantastic inflatable ball that is perfect for hours of outdoor play. Bounce, kick and roll the ball around the playground! Measures approximately 23cm in diameter when inflated.

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The Rainbow Colour Playground Ball is the perfect inflatable ball to bring vibrant fun to all your outdoor adventures. This colourful ball is designed to be inflated using any bike pump, making it easy for a quick setup and endless enjoyment. The rainbow colours makes this ball unique to other inflatable balls and is also a visual delight for children of all ages.

The Rainbow Ball will keep kids engaged and active in the playground. Bounce, kick and roll your way to hours of fun with this inflatable playground ball.

  • Crafted from a durable PVC material, making it durable for hours of play.
  • Measures approximately 23cm diameter when fully inflated.

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