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Poppitoppy Spinner



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Introducing the B. Toys by Battat – Poppitoppy Spinner, a gorgeous colourful activity toy. Pop. Bop. Pop. Bop. Will you push it once or push it 100 times?

Press the head and the balls pop like wild things providing both auditory and visual stimulation making it the perfect activity toy for infants.  The toy also demonstrates cause and effect as the head needs to be pushed down to get the balls to pop. If it is pressed faster, do the balls pop more often?

The toy is 14.6cm x 17.8cm tall and comes clear recyclable packaging.

Recommended for:
12 months +
Therapeutic benefits:
Demonstrates cause and effect – press the dome for the buttons to burst into life and madly pop. Press the button harder for the base to spin and the buttons to jump higher. So the more effort in pressing, the more it spins and jumps.
Auditory – buttons make a popping sound that give the product its name.
Fine motor skills in pushing the top to make the buttons pop. Practicing the repetitive pushing motion in rapid succession to create more movement uses co-ordination skills and exercises muscles. How fast can you make it go?
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