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Beat The Octopus Colour and Shape Recognition Bingo



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This Learning Can Be Fun – Beat The Octopus Colour and Shape Bingo is a fun game that teaches children to learn and practice colour and shape recognition through game play.

Beat The Octopus Colour and Shape Bingo is played in a similar manner to traditional bingo. Who will be first to win the race to complete a board? Will it be the team of three players, an individual player, or the octopus?

The children take turns to select one card from the deck. Any selected card with a colour and shape that can be correctly matched to the same combination on the player’s board can be placed on that combination.

If however, an octopus card is turned over, it must be placed in the correct position on the octopus board!

The players will be so intent on completing their boards before the picture of the octopus is put together that they will barely notice that they’ve been practicing the recognition of both colours and shapes!

Contents include:

four wipe clean boards measuring 25cm x 33.5cm and

81 laminated cards in a sturdy box.

Recommended for:

Ages 4+

Therapeutic Benefits:

Aids with colour and shape recognition

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