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Cuddlekins Jumbo Cheetah 76cm



A jumbo cheetah by Wild Republic is both eco-friendly and adorable, making it the perfect bedmate, cuddle partner or adventure buddy. Provides tactile stimulation with soft plush fur.

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Did you know?! The Cheetah has black “tear tracks” running from the inside corner of each eye to the mouth. These marks may serve as an anti-glare mechanism for daytime hunting.

This Jumbo Cheetah by Wild Republic is a gorgeous feline looking for a partner to adventure with. It is a fantastic sensory and tactile toy with soft plush fur for giving comfortable cuddles. The Cuddlekins Range is designed to look and feel like a great big hug and are made for and with love!


  • Eco friendly, Wild Republic creates their plush in-fill using 100% repurposed and recycled water bottles.
  • Surface washable
  • Measures 76cm in length

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