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The Itsy Pack from Clixo is the perfect starter pack for building! Contains 18 pieces in 6 unique shapes, it is a fantastic resource for open ended play. Comes in 2 colours, Blue/Green and Flamingo/Turquoise

The Itsy Pack from Clixo contains 18 pieces in 6 unique shapes and a quick start guide, the mini pack is the perfect size to get started with building! Designed with kids in mind, Clixo is an innovative brand that specializes in designing unique and flexible building toys.

The Itsy Pack consists of colourful, flat, and magnetic shapes that can be connected in countless ways, allowing users to create a wide variety of structures, sculptures, and designs. It encourages imaginative and open-ended play, making it a popular choice to promote hands-on exploration and learning. With its engaging and intuitive design, Clixo encourages creativity and problem-solving skills while offering a modern twist on traditional building toys.

Clixo sets are crafted from recyclable and durable synthetic paper with strong-embedded magnets for maximum safety. This unique blend of materials enables the flat, flexible shapes to easily snap together and hold their form, allowing for endless creative possibilities.


  • Made for kids and kids at heart age 4+.
  • This Itsy pack has 18 magnetic pieces in 6 different shapes and a quick start guide.
  • Comes in 2 different colour options, including Green/Blue and Flamingo/Turquoise.

Blue/Green, Flamingo/Turquoise

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