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Fidget Bands Pack of 5



Fidget Bands are a fantastic classroom resource for students who are restless, anxious or need to fidget. Comes in a set of 5 different colours of varying resistances to suit the needs of the user.

The pack of 5 fidget bands from Sensory Sensations contains 5 coloured bands with various levels of resistance to suit the needs of the user.

They are in order of thickness Black, Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, with black offering the most resistance and green the least.

It is ideal for the classroom for students who have restless legs, who want to fidget, are anxious, or want to move or stand up. The fidget bands provide a release in a quiet, non-distracting way. The bands are also beneficial for students with shorter legs, as they can rest their feet on the band rather than having them dangle above the floor all day.

Measures 30cm x 5cm.

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